Become a Church Baby Loss Rep

We are expanding Baby Loss Remembrance memorials as a pastoral outreach program to support families affected by baby loss on a personal level. We are looking for amazing people like you, representatives from churches across the UK to help build it.

We value your ideas and input and want you to be a part of developing the program right from the start. This is an exciting opportunity for you to help shape the services churches offer to families grieving through baby loss and we would love to hear your ideas!

We invite you to sign up to become a representative in your area to support women and families affected by baby loss within your parish.  We believe that trust is built through relationships and we want to help the church be the first-place people turn to for support, not the last.  We need your input, your feed-back and your ideas to help us build this system so it works for us and YOU!

Who we want!
We love volunteers and people with innovative minds who want to get stuck into helping us create a unique and relationship-based church support service. You will need: a compassionate and friendly face ready to welcome grieving families, a brilliant brain ready to organize church events to promote Baby Loss Remembrance memorials,  handy administration skills to schedule the Baby Loss Remembrance memorial service in the church calendar.


Church Contact
To coordinate the Baby Loss Remembrance memorial within your church.  This includes:

  1. Choosing a date and time with the church admin team to hold the memorial;
  2. Communicating with the Baby Loss Remembrance coordinator at Life (Hannah Batten) regarding anything relating to the memorial including ordering new free resources and printed literature;
  3. Arrangement of a dedicated Baby Loss service within the church calendar.  If you would like to invite one of our staff to speak in your service then please get in touch.
  4. Ensuring any money offered during second collections/in the collection box is donated to Life to support our ongoing work.

Promotion of baby loss support services
Promote the Baby Loss Remembrance memorial within your parish and community. This promotion could include:

  1. Distribution of posters on community noticeboards, adverts in the local paper, meetings with local businesses to support the initiative;
  2. Distribution of Need to Talk cards within your church and the local parish. This could include; coffee shops, cafes, community centres, community notice bards, children’s centres and sports centres.

Community Outreach
Being able to engage with others about baby loss in a compassionate and sensitive way is important so you can start:

  1. Building relationships with individuals, families and the wide community for your church to become known as a safe place for grieving families to visit to remember their baby.
  2. Being available to pray for/comfort anyone affected by baby loss and point them towards our support services.
  3. Making grieving women and families aware of Life’s support services for baby loss within your parish and local community. This could include; contacting local GP surgeries, local hospitals and NHS walk-in centres.