Run a memorial

Baby Loss Remembrance memorials are available to all parishes and community groups.

Our Baby Loss Remembrance memorials are a sensitive and effective way to engage anyone who has experienced baby loss and to offer them a safe space to remember the lives lost.

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Providing a safe space for women and families

The memorial area in your parish is intended to show compassion and to reach out to anyone affected by baby loss of any kind.

The area needs to be designed sensitively and prayerfully. Showing kindness without judgment is at the heart of Baby Loss Remembrance memorials, just as Jesus does for us.

Please only use the literature and pictures provided in the Baby Loss Remembrance memorial pack. Please don’t display pictures of babies, born or unborn, or baby models.

However, within these guidelines, you’re free to arrange your memorial how you wish.

One Parish in Portsmouth used their Baby Loss Remembrance memorial as a framework to open a ‘forget-me-not’ garden of remembrance for babies and very young children. Other churches set up prayer areas and books of remembrance.

Here are some ideas

  • Light a candle of remembrance
  • Place a book of remembrance with the memorial. This is a book for anyone affected by baby loss to write in, in memory of their loss
  • Hold a Mass dedicated to all babies lost through stillbirth, abortion, or miscarriage
  • Parish garden – invite anyone affected by baby loss to plant a flower for their lost child
  • Put a plaque outside your church in a quiet area – and encourage your church to use this to pray for the lives lost and those affected by the death of a young child.

We’d love to see your memorial – please share your photos and let us know how you served your church and community!

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